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IT Consulting

In addition to streamlining IT operations, Accalio can provide you with powerful, easy-to-use user support focused on your core business.

We supply you with consulting all across the board – from designing and delivering any kind of solution to creating and maintaining custom solutions.

Our expertise allows us to install, configure, and connect together almost any systems running common platforms, such as Windows, UNIX, Linux, AS/400, and OS/390, and provide excellent support for any such system. In addition, we support enterprise content management, digital archiving, even enterprise resource planning solutions.

Professional Services

We take the responsibility for solution architecture, project management, development, and support in all areas of enterprise communication.

  • Solution Architecture design
  • Feasibility Study, ROI / TCO (Return on investment/total cost of ownership) calculations
  • Project Management
  • RFI / RFP (Request for information/proposal) preparation
  • Evaluation, Implementation, and Integration services
  • Solution support