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Why Amnis?

  • Amnis allows you to collect your individual print jobs and deliver them seamlessly to a single central processing point.
  • For international and domestic hybrid mail environments Amnis can distribute the electronic correspondence to the print center closest to each recipient so timely receipt is a reality no matter what labor or weather disruptions may develop on the way to the recipient.
  • Amnis can verify the exact customer communication content and restrict improper content from being sent.
  • All communication can be archived and registered automatically.
  • Accalio is an active participant and contributor in the European Standardization Committee and Postal Services Working Group (CEN/TC331) that together with the Universal Postal Union is developing new global Hybrid mailstream requirements. 
  • We keep one step ahead of the competition and deliver products uniquely and specifically tailored to Hybrid Mail, Reverse Hybrid Mail, Virtual Mail, Mail Switch Standard and Standardized Preference Database solutions.

Send regular mail as effortlessly as email with Accalio Amnis.