Sample scenario

Insurer, for example, can have a notebook computer and enter the customer’s personal data offline directly into a PDF form prepared by PDF Flux. This is a “smart” form – as data is entered it is related to the other data and calculations are made on the spot about which pricing table or other dynamic is appropriate. If “male” is checked, for example, the document changes all occurrences of “Dear Sir or Madam” to just “Dear Sir.” Hundreds of other similar simple yet convenient processes are possible.

Every time your company needs some information from a customer, PDF Flux can prepare a standard PDF file which is pre-filled with the customer’s data and send it to the customer’s email box via the PDF PreFill and Mail module. which the customer can then enter the requested data on and send it back directly from the PDF document. Easy-to-use buttons are right inside the PDF file, which is usable with the standard, free Adobe Acrobat Reader. An additional option is for the customer to send the form back as an email attachment, also with buttons right inside the PDF.