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Solutions for Print Service Providers

It's clear that sucess in competitive environments can be achieved through providing more attractive high-quality add-on services. Accalio decided to support Print Service Providers and their Clients with these consulting and document-related solutions.

Professional services

We can offer you all, onsite and offsite consulting, training and development for well-known document composition and enterprise personalization solutions. We offer document layout design, data mapping, postal sorting and bundling development, output management configuration ... [read more]

Accalio Amnis - Enterprise Virtual Printer

We help you collect more volume from your customers through our enterprise virtual printer solution, Amnis.

Amnis is not only a virtual printer.

In a usual scenario, when the print service provider relies on hardware equipment like enveloping machines, inserting stations, or high-speed printers, he needs to proof every document automatically at high speed before sending it to the printing and shipping process.

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PDA - The portable document archive

Customers sending content to their print service providers or printing facility want to archive the correspondence. PDA is the right solution for businesses that don't want large, expensive archiving solutions, or for companies that already have enterprise solutions, but want to seamlessly integrate new archived content with existing systems.

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