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PDA - Portable Document Archive

Customers sending content to their print service providers or printing facility want to archive the correspondence.

PDA is the right solution for businesses that don't want large, expensive archiving solutions, or for companies that already have enterprise solutions, but want to seamlessly integrate new archived content with existing systems.


Usually, a Print Service Provider has the PDA Processor tightly integrated with their document composition solution (e.g. Dialogue, PrintNet ...), and simultaneously generates content to be print and archived. PDA is fully compatible with the aforementioned solutions, and directly from the document composition it can create individual indexes that will be used to search or sort the resulting archive at your Client's site.

The indexing capability is flexible and can work with almost any incomming data (driver data files).

PDA Processor can work with individual PDF files, with one single PDF or even with a specific number of PDF files which hold data for more than one document (or customer). PDA Processor can output its own archival package PDAF/PDAX, or work natively with PDF files.

PDAF/PDAX files are optimized to be run from CD and DVD read-only mediums.

It's a new service that a PSP can offer to his clients.

For clients, the basic version of PDA Client application is free of charge! It's a stand-alone viewer with capabilities like search, filter, sort, view, and print.

Archived content can be organized into document types and it's size is unlimited.

Even if a Print Service Provider exports a single PDF for the whole job, PDA Client can extract the requested pages in only a few milliseconds. It's not necessary to open the whole PDF file in a common PDF viewer. Everything is build in one single environment.

It is a high-performance portable archiving solution for everyone (up to 40 milion pages per hour).

It can fit perfectly into Client's processes – from now on the client's call-center, accounting, and other departments can have the "original" of the document that has been sent to the customer.

Additionally, we offer various connectors of PDAX/PDAF packages to enterprise archiving solutions. From then on, Print Service Providers can establish a single integration for all customers and job types. PDA will handle the rest, converting and publishing the content to the Client's enterprise archive.