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About Amnis - the Enterprise Virtual Printer

Amnis for Print Service Providers.

We help you collect more volume from your customers with our enterprise friendly virtual printer solution - Amnis.

Amnis is much more dynamic than simply another virtual printer.

As a Print Service Provider you rely on hardware equipment like enveloping machines, inserting stations and high-speed printers to deliver your result.  You require the ability to accurately proof every document automatically at high speed before sending it on to the printing and shipping process.

Amnis can verify the compatibility and usability of every virtually printed document even before it is sent to you – at your client's site.  You save your client the aggravation and time by effortlessly alerting them to incompatibility and usability issues long before you ever see the finished electronic document.    

The Amnis Outbox (Up loader) is able to verify the number of pages being sent in one envelope, locations of merged or split documents - for example incidence of split envelope after running Word Mail Merge, counting the number of pages and envelopes being sent to print, and many more equally beneficial, cost and time saving features. Additionally, Amnis can verify the address block and save metadata to internal or external systems and send notification emails to pre-defined addresses.

Amnis Outbox is connected through your Internet connection [FTP(S) or HTTP(S)] to your Enterprise wide Amnis Server (Downloader and Processor). Your Amnis Server then collects all the jobs, adds barcodes and OCR as well as complete pre- and/or post-processes on the electronic documents.  Amnis is also able to extract data from the electronic documents if required.  Optionally, you can enhance the Amnis Server with a postal sorting module.

Amnis Server is a stand-alone, full-color-capable electronic printing solution.

For organizations such as Insurance, Banking and Financial Services or Utilities, that require more secure connections, Amnis supports one-2-one secure connections based on asymmetric key algorithms. For small and medium sized businesses we are prepared to offer you a custom web portal solution based on your unique and specific requirements that may include the ability of collecting thousands of jobs from businesses of all sizes.

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