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About IESnapshot

"100% WYSIWYG Windows Application"
Accalio IESnapshot is a tool to capture web pages as they appear on the user's monitor. The application can grab webpages and save them in PDF, JPG, GIF or BMP file formats.

Full PDF file capture solution

The application fully supports single and miltiple page web-capture to a PDF file format. IE Snapshot is 100% WYSIWYG - it does not save the page as text but as a picture (archive format).

Top features include avoiding printing errors and missing images

Each snapshot stores all background images, even images inside the style sheets or dynamic content (Flash,Java ..).

The application has been tested with Microsoft Internet Explorer ver. 6 and 7 on Windows (r) XP Professional and Vista operating systems.

Main IESnapshot features

  • Save almost any webpage - for archiving or multimedia presentations
  • Create multiple page PDF or singlepage GIF, JPG or BMP files
  • Unique file naming ability - automatic or manual
  • Compression ratio settings (quality vs. size)
  • Capture any portion of the viewed webpage - automatic or manual
  • Captures full pages, capture longer pages than screen resolution (whole page / scrolling) in to one picture or PDF page.
  • Ability to capture the web page at specific moments - capturing pictures from live action animations
  • Capture pages from URL lists
  • Application is fully compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer(r)

Note : Due to the terms of the non-profit freeware license policy, Accalio s.r.o. takes no responsibility nor guarantees for the full functionality of the software or the achieved results of he usage of this software.  In some countries it may be a violation of law to save local copies or portions of webpages.