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A New Solutions Provider of E-Document Processing

Zelena Posta Ltd. offers solutions for e-document transfer (eDelivery & Mail Switch) and virtualization of paper correspondence. Zelena Posta Ltd. was established as a joint venture by TEMPEST and Accalio Ltd., two strong players in the IT and e-document processing market, and takes over the operation and future development of the ZelenaFaktura.sk service.

The core competencies of Zelena Posta are systems for the exchange and processing of e-documents. Through ZelenaFakura.sk, the ambition is to significantly increase business efficiency while contributing to environmental protection. Companies can make use of the e-invoicing services to improve their customer communications, reduce the costs associated with paper invoicing and the postal service, simplify the management of claims and streamline the archiving and tracking of invoices.

For the consumer, ZelenaFaktura.sk  is a reliable and safe tool for tracking payments and invoices from multiple senders. The service prevents the loss of documents, late payments and vastly reduces processing time. Partners already taking advantage of Zelena Faktura include the Slovak Gas Industry and the water company Veolia Inc.

"Especially providers from the utility sector increasingly seek the ability to offer a comprehensive service with the possibility of fully outsourcing billing processes. Through the synergy of several providers connected to ZelenaFaktura.sk, we can drastically increase the proportion of customers that use electronic invoicing. Our system ensures that this proceeds with only a minimal increase in capital expenditures," says Roman Rostar, Managing Director of Zelena Posta Ltd.

"Using our experience from processing correspondence for our main corporate clients, we have decided to create and provide alternative services for much a wider range of senders and recipients with the intent of greatly simplifing the use of e-documents. Consider that hundreds of millions of pieces of paper correspondence are annually processed in the Slovak Republic, a harrowing fact that is clearly forcing us towards promoting the transition to electronic correspondence," says Karol Martinka, CEO of Zelena Posta, s.r.o.

For more information please visit www.ZelenaFaktura.sk.

About Accalio Ltd.

Accalio provides solutions and consulting in the field of electronic and paper communications. The software products and services provided are primarily related to the processes of correspondence, they include - document creation, sending of mail, receiving and processing of mail, virtualization of correspondence and digital archiving.

Accalio is the only company within Central and Eastern Europe that is actively involved (contributing) in the standardization of Hybrid and Reverse hybrid mail in accordance with the TC/331 CEN (European Committee for Standardization - www.cen.eu ). The company provides delivery and operation of solutions for the processing of significant volumes of correspondence - for clients such as energy and service providers, insurance companies, telecom operators, and banks. Accalio also offers similar economic, environmental and procedural benefits to smaller businesses through the use of software tools to automate the processing of outgoing correspondence.

The TEMPEST Corporation

TEMPEST is the leading provider of IT products and services. TEMPEST provides consulting, integration, support and outsourcing of IT infrastructure, data management, software development, IT security and IT service managment. The weekly newspaper Trend has ranked TEMPEST in 34th place in the "Company of the Year 2011" category and stated its place as the fifth largest IT provider in Slovakia. In 2010 and 2011, TEMPEST achieved 4th place in the "Big 5" of Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in Central Europe.

The company's clients include major organizations from various sectors such as telecommunications, finance, industry, utilities and government. TEMPEST is a company with socially responsible entrepreneurship and proper communication. Since 20 years TEMPEST has been providing technology and services to help clients successfully expand their enterprise.

For more information please visit www.tempest.sk.