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The Digital Mailbox and Hybrid Mail platform

DocuDot is a complete digital mailbox / hybrid mail system that replaces the hassle and clutter of traditional paper mail with an intuitive and secure cloud solution.

DocuDot unifies senders, acting as an intermediate correspondence service that benefits both sender and recipient. Senders save effort and resources on infrastructure, while recipients gain comfortable access to their mail from anywhere in the world.

The features of DocuDot are easily and immediately integrated into any business of any magnitude. Whether you need the full package or  individual components (versatile API that works with existing systems), we've got you covered.

Take the first step towards a digital future, and DocuDot will do the rest.

Visit www.docudot.com for more information.

DocuDot Backend and Frontend

The backend of DocuDot consists of software applications and modules that ensure stability and functionality. They are decentralized from the portal and its servers to assure a high degree of privacy and data security.

The DocuDot Frontend is a portal solution based on multi-layer architecture with security comparable to internet payment and banking systems. It takes advantage of AJAX components and innovative technology that allow for comfortable usage.

DocuDot Printer

The DocuDot printer is an easy-to-install application (self-installer) for senders. It is a virtual printer and can be used with any word processing software including MS Office, OpenOffice, Libreoffice, and many more.

The sender installs the DocuDot printer onto their computers.

The DocuDot printer automatically determines the best way to send documents depending on the sender's preferences.

And with one click, they are sent!


Recipients receive a printed invoice with a UNIQUE ID (UID) and PIN code, which can then be used to register on the DocuDot portal. These codes are automatically added by the DocuDot printer, or can be added by existing solutions on the side of the sender.

The recipient decides independently how to receive their bills, online or offline.

By using the PIN/UID on the printed document, recipients can register online and will receive their mail through the DocuDot portal. They can then choose their preferred method of further document forwarding: e-mail or SMS.