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DocuDot for service providers

Senders with high-volume mail immediately take advantage of all DocuDot features, which would otherwise take years to implement from scratch.

List of features :

  • Compatibility with mass-mailing, invoices, business letters (company IS), and other documents that are automatically created.
  • Immediate and seamless implementation into existing environments.
  • Profitable and effective functionality of the system without high initial investments. (no licenses or creation of own infrastructure or SW equipment).
  • Cooperation with other senders, it is not hard to see that recipients are more enthusiastic about being able to organize and receive all their documents in a single place.
  • Free and automated outsourcing of recipient contact information and other details - switching from physical to digital documents with the consent of the recipient (Mail Switch).
  • Automatic bundling of sent documents and monitoring of undeliverable mail using our own unique technology.
  • Reliable payment gateways with automatic integration (secure single-click payment of invoices directly from the portal or PDF file.)
  • Optional integration with online banking systems.
  • Strong marketing tool - all paper documents include a DocuDot PIN/UID which the recipient can use to easily switch to digital mail.
  • The possibility to register through DocuDot or through the web page of the sender (an HTML snippet added to existing webpages in a way similar to Google Analytics.) This adds registration entry points and uses these pages for additional exposure.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Outsourcing of physical and digital correspondence using the highest quality enterprise systems on the market.
  • Reducing the manual workload for employees and improving communication - simple processing, address validation (for physical delivery as well).
  • Eliminating the need to acquire and validate contact addresses of the recipients for digital document delivery and online invoicing.
  • Simplifying the usage of digital signatures (automatic after registration).
  • Online payment features such as credit card payment gateways and Paypal integration without the hassle of implementation and stress of developing necessary security measures. DocuDot has you covered.
  • Native postal bundling and sorting into single envelopes in cases of physical delivery saves costs.
  • Automating processing of advanced correspondence not possible before DocuDot (such as registered mail).
  • Simplifying work and postal delivery  - elimination of postal paperwork, as well as the delivery to the post office and any other work required.
  • Overview of sent correspondence - sent mail and registrations are safetly stored in the cloud.
  • Single Sign-On using Facebook, Google, Twitter and Linkedin.